Folcore Sampl3r - The Other Side

released November 18, 2017

Executive production: Folcore Records / Germán de Souza 
Artwork: Coreographix -

Mastering 1, 9, 10, 11 by Producciones Ensimismadas - 
Mastering 3, 4 by Yann Ryo aka Nixtamal 
Mastering 6, 8 by Alvaro Ernesto

Folcore Sampl3r - The Other Side

Folcore 079


  1. Panther Panther - Isla Nocturna
  2. Coconutah - Good time dub
  3. Poupa Honk - Godzilla
  4. Nixtamal - Tsong
  5. Borchi y su Doble Redoble - Tempa
  6. Shushupe - Ritmo Trópico
  7. Qechuaboi - Miel dubejas
  8. Tribilin Sound - Joselito
  9. Lucas Lead - Caminante del Mayab
  10. Castora Herz - Despertar
  11. San Ignacio, PNK SABBTH & Kid from Amazon - Chuva
  12. Fashionfacts - XX (extraido de los archivos Crystallized)

Panther Panther!

Panther Panther! is Pablo Villierezz, an audiovisual artist living in Bristol, UK and of Mexican origin. Using analogue and digital machines, he creates his peculiar brand of tropical bass, at times pushing squares on his laptop, or through improvised live sessions in his studio late at night. The aural worlds he creates as part of these nocturnal processes, draw up a futuristic yet ambivalent landscape on the edge of various intersections: between belonging and alienation, celebration and introspection, being Latin and European, between the local and the global…


Based in Madrid, Coconutah is active member of La Selva Radio

Poupa Honk

Philippe Dunant, aka Poupa Honk began studying clarinet with a teacher who kept trying to decipher scores. But this classic approach to music only keep him away from theory and take him to explore improvisation and self-learning. In the late 90s, he swap his clarinet for a saxophone. Years later he swap again saxophone to electronic music, because in the theatre where he works as a lighting technician and sound engineer he had to learn how to use Ableton Live to perform their work. At that time he realizes he had at his hands a tool that allowed himself to organize the rhythms and melodies stored in his head. Then he began to shape their own sounds.


Somewhere between music of Tropics, dub and reggae, NIXTAMAL created by Yann RYO, has already a long story to tell. He was already 10 years ago, a cumbiambizer in Mexico ! Nixtamal brings strong Cumbias’ refixes and remixes with real cumbia and actual grooves. His percussionist friend Nicolas FOUCHER, plays during live concert with Yann RIO to offer you a warm and intense set. At anytime, Nixtamal lights the fire on the dancefloor with its famoust NUEVA CUMBIA. For sure NIXTAMAL sound, has origins, bass and a natural and strong groove.

Borchi y su Doble Redoble

Originally from Coyoacán in Mexico City, Pablo Borchi started as MC of the Latin hip hop group Beat Bufet, and was one of the minds behind the popular Day Off holiday cycle. Since then, Borchi has embarked on a solo path that has led him to become one of the most relevant artists of the global bass scene in Mexico, being part of the Red Bull Music Academy in 2015, and constantly spinning through Mexico , Europe and Latin America. In 2016, he premiered "Borchi y Su Doble Redoble", a live show with the concept of bringing the atmosphere of the street carnivals of America, especially from the North of Brazil and the Mardi Gras of New Orleans to the urban dance floors.


From forest engineering to electronic cumbia beats, Shushupe has been turning up the heat in Lima's underground scene and parties since 2005. Her pioeering vision took some years ago the folkloric sounds of the deep Peruvian Jungle to create a menagerie of powerful and exotic music. Her expeditions to the Amazon led her to a world of ancient Peruvian cumbia and horror at the sight of The Bushmaster the most venomous pit viper in the jungle, known by the elders as the Shushupe. That's where Ursula gets her stage name and lives up to it as an exotic force of nature, dwelling among magical and colorful rhythms.


A Dancer Motherfucker from Chaclacayo Since 1981 "That´s the way the cookie crumbles" Up!

Tribilin Sound

Alvaro Ernesto a.k.a Tribilín Sound begins at the end of the year 1996 playing in parties and different youth public events with classic eurodance and cumbia in various nightclubs of the circuit of Lima. This allows him to have a wide collection of musical successes which includes rhythmic collages and mashups in his diverse productions for Folcore Records (Barcelona) Regional (Chile), Terror Negro (Peru) and many more.

Lucas Lead

Lucas Lead is a producer from the south of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
His first album "Cumbiasound" (Subklub Records) mixes the typical beat of cumbia with futuristic contrasts. In "Soft Lunes" (Folcore Records) continues in that direction adding mystical loops and exploring the Latin American sound with Amazonian, Andean, prehispanic and nature dyes.

Castora Herz

Life’s persistence and its endless resourcefulness in the task of survival are all implicit. The organic energy laces up the skin, sustains the ego and can be used to protect the psyche from trauma

San Ignacio

He is a DJ and producer who lives in the delta of Paraná, since 2011 dedicated to digital composition and performances in electronic format.
His work consists of a mixture of genres and rhythms diverse, with beats become dumbia (cumbia dub), minitón (minimal reggaetón) and other combinations, that add to the sound of synthesizers, charangos and powerful basses Voices include fragments of argentine contemporary poetry


Pnk Sabbth is an artist from Belém do Pará, in the north of Brazil, who works in the underground scene of the city with an electronic production that has references in the witchouse and newave

Kid from Amazon

Kid From Amazon is an artist from Belem do Para who brings in his projects experimentalism that evokes rocky textures in front of melodic waterfalls as a strange mist invades the sound landscape of the listener, the fog enters and does not cling to cultural flare, and seal in what does not yet exist, bringing new colors to the timbres and ideas to this character, partially affected by invisible waves, partially affected by the waves of the sea, forming a curious technological embryo worthy of being interpreted as an eternal child under an immense region.


Fashionfacts aka Horacio Larrechea from Tres Arroyos, Argentina, currently living in a cloud of sand with 2 iPads and an OP1.



Panther Panther!:
Poupa Honk:
Borchi y su Doble Redoble:
Tribilin Sound:
Lucas Lead:
Castora Herz:
San Ignacio:
Kid from Amazon:

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