El Camino de Leda Remixes Vol.1

Idea & conceptualization: Germán de Souza & Andrés Schteingart
Artistic & executive production: Germán de Souza & Andrés Schteingart
Production assistance: Ignacio Sorá & Mai Aimé
Guest musician: Leo Silcan
(charangos and quenas track 1
Mastering: Juan Esteban Herrera aka Ruidoselecto - Medellín, Colombia
Artwork: Germán de Souza _ Coreographix (https://coreographix.com) - remix of original art by Fran Spertino

© La Charo appears by courtesy of Espantapájaros

All the songs have been compiled by Leda Valladares traveling through the valleys and ravines of the Argentine Republic along the second half of the 20th century.

Thanks to all the people who have made this project become real, the producers and artists participating, and those who sent us economic and spiritual support.

A Folcore Records & Fértil Discos production

El Camino de Leda Remixes Vol.1
Various Artists

Folcore 133


  1. El Remolón & Bárbara Silva - Adiós pueblito de Iruya (Klik & Frik Remix)
  2. Barda & Celeste Gomez Machado - Las Hojas Tienen Mudanza (Tribilin Sound Remix)
  3. Uji & La Charo - Sin darle motivo (Derrok Remix)
  4. King Coya & Sofia Viola - Sobre Las Flores (Barbarella Remix)
  5. Chancha Via Circuito & Shaman Herrera - Yo he sido (Mente Organica Remix)
  6. San Ignacio & Lauphan - En Otro Poder (Da Iguana Remix)
  7. Guazú - Y ya me voy (ft. Jazmín Esquivel & Pol Nada)
  8. Tremor & Soema Montenegro - Cuando oigo sonar la caja (Ruido Selecto Remix)
  9. Pol Nada - Ay, Pajarillo (Silvio Astier Remix)
  10. Tremor & Soema Montenegro - Canto de velorio (Rodrigo Gallardo Remix)

The new collaborative release between Folcore Records (Barcelona) and Fértil Discos (Buenos Aires)

A double album made up of remixes of the vinyl released in 2019 "El Camino de Leda" that featured the participation of Chancha Via Circuito, La Charo, Uji, Shaman Herrera, Tremor, Barda, El Remolón, Soema Montenegro, Dat García, King Coya , Pol Nada and more representatives, both of the organic electronic sound of Buenos Aires and singers of contemporary Argentine folk and urban music.

This time, artists from different latitudes remix the tracks of the original ones to create new sounds in song format, to make them suitable for the dance floor in slow mode and also to listening them on any occasion. It has the participation of Klik & Frik, Rodrigo Gallardo, Guazú, Derrok, Tribilin Sound, Carla Valenti, Qechuaboi, Lucas Lead, Mente Orgánica, Nixtamal just to mention some of the collaborations.

El Camino de Leda Remixes Vol.1 and Vol.2 is a new tribute to Leda Valladares, two volumes that include 10 songs each. Available on all streaming platforms.

Fertil Discos / Folcore Records

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