Rural Beats

released November 19, 2021

All tracks produced and mixed by The Peronists (Fede Randall)
except Cumbia Andina by The Peronists & Chancha Via Circuito (Pedro Canale)
Mastering: Maateria (Zaragoza)
Artwork by Marco Boetti:
Executive production: Germán de Souza, Folcore Records and The Peronists
Folcore Records Bandcamp:
Folcore Records website:

Rural Beats
The Peronists

Folcore 135


  1. The Peronists & Chancha Via Circuito - Cumbia Andina
  2. The Peronists - Rural Beats
  3. The Peronists - Fueguito
  4. The Peronists - Niño K

About Rural Beats

Rural Beats is the new EP that consists of 4 tracks by The Peronists that sound like a fine mix of Argentine folkore, lo-fi hip hop, downtempo, rural environments, electronic and organic electronic music.

Cumbia Andina (Rural Beats focus track) is a collaboration between Argentine producers The Peronists (Fede Randall) and Chancha Via Circuito (Pedro Canale).

Both producers have been part of the Argentine collective and label ZZK Records at the beginning of the millennium (since 2006) at an early age and both have shared their tracks in various compilations referring to the new sound of Argentine folktronics: ZZK Sound Vol. 1 and ZZK Sound Vol. 2 (ZZK Records, Argentina) and The Future Sound of Buenos Aires (Waxploitation, USA) and Nueva Cumbia Argentina - The Buenos Aires Implosion! (Soot Records, USA).

About The Peronists

From the age of 13 he began to ask his family to help him become a musician, since he had an obsession with sound and radio, he does not know very well where that concern came from, but it was always there and is still latent. His goals are to leave a mark of innovation in new urban genres, in stagnant and forgotten folk genres and make people dance as a producer and DJ, and make the listener have a good time.

Among his outstanding experiences are his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy in New York in 2013 where he took masterclasses among others, with Brian Eno. He released his music on labels such as ZZK Records, Desmo Records and Folcore Records. He currently works in sound design, composing and producing beats for the Red Bull Batalla de Gallos and for his personal music projects.

The Peronists
The Peronists

The Peronists is a DJ & Producer from Tucumán. He has already walked a long way in the electropical scene and also mixing electronic music along with folkloric and native instrumentation. He has released several EP & albums in the last fifteen years using his alter ego, The Peronists and also as Fede Randall, Fedérico Sánchez and Dj Galgo Lazer

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Rural Beats

Rural Beats The Peronists

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