Folcore's XIII

released December 2, 2022

Artwork by Eugenia Maggi
Eugenia Maggi on Instagram: @hola.maggi

Compiled by Cherman
Folcore Records website:

Folcore's XIII

Folcore 139


  1. The Peronists & Chancha Via Circuito - Cumbia andina
  2. Fokus - Jamahiriya
  3. I Have Prøblemas - Søla en Eurøpa (Coconutah Remix)
  4. Don Plok - African Midi (ft Santiago Aragón)
  5. Chirimoyo - Jaradub
  6. Ruido Selecto - Quimera
  7. Bial HClap - Cumbia Aju
  8. Nixtamal - Nomads
  9. Alien Pimp - Bolingo
  10. Thub - Playaduna
  11. Black Mandingo - Takwene Shadow Fantasy
  12. Poupa Honk - Trash Swimm
  13. Villa Victoria Sound System - MoreNothing

XIII is an album that opens a galactic portal by compiling 13 songs from the Folcore Records catalog in commemoration of the label's 13th anniversary.

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