Migración Inka

All tracks composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Fede Randall aka The Peronists
Voice & Lyrics in "Selvático" by Morita Vargas
Artwork: Cuore
Executive production: The Peronists & Folcore Records

Migración Inka
The Peronists
Folcore 121


  1. Shasta
  2. El Recurso
  3. Selvático (feat. Morita Vargas)
  4. Timing

The Peronists is a DJ & Producer from the province of Tucumán, in the Argentine Northwest, with a long career in the Tropical Electronics scene and fusion of electronic music with folklore and native instrumentation. He has released various EP & albums in the last fifteen years, under his alias The Peronists, but also as Fede Randall, Federico Sánchez and Dj Galgo Lazer.

His new EP "Migración Inka" (Folcore Records, 2020) proposes a journey between Andean Music and powerful electronic beats that starts from calm, with an inca-ambient song with charangos and a long delay "Shasta" (in allusion to the magical American mountain). “El Recurso” delves further into the indigenous sound of the album, with epic melodies of wind, to make way for the upper part of the album with “Selvático” an urban, danceable and poetic Amazonian cumbia while having the voice by Morita Vargas. The journey ends in a calm and climactic place, with the track "Lo-fi Hip Hop" entitled "Timing".

Artwork by designer and street artist Cuore.


"El folclore y la electrónica se unen en Migración Inka, de The Peronists [...] una propuesta innovadora en la que entrelaza los sonidos andinos del noroeste de Argentina con beats electrónicos" - Revista Flipar - Argentina

"The Peronists hace gala de sus raíces folclóricas en su nuevo lanzamiento Migración Inka" - La Nota - Argentina

"Federico Randall, quien bajo el seudónimo de The Peronists, no sólo ejemplifica la existencia de esta especie que no teme a los riesgos, sino que demuestra que la concreción de una intención, cuando se hace con la correspondiente toma de conciencia, puede terminar dando lugar a proyectos tan originales y curiosos como su último Ep, Migración Inka (Folcore Records, 2020)" - Letras en Vena - España

"El entorno rural, con menos acceso a la información y muchas otras distracciones naturales que alejan del bullicio que trae aparejada una ciudad, le permitieron a The Peronist reinventar su sonido" - Coliriopaquevean - Argentina

The Peronists
The Peronists

The Peronists is a DJ & Producer from Tucumán. He has already walked a long way in the electropical scene and also mixing electronic music along with folkloric and native instrumentation. He has released several EP & albums in the last fifteen years using his alter ego, The Peronists and also as Fede Randall, Fedérico Sánchez and Dj Galgo Lazer

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