Las aguas de la ascensión

released March 5, 2019 

All original tracks by Dr Brodsky 

Remixes by Qechuaboi, Coconutah, Panther Panther!, Sandunga, Lola Manola, Kid Cala, Ruido Selecto 

Artworks by Dr Brodsky 

Executive production: Dr Brodsky & Folcore Records 

Mastering: Producciones Ensimismadas 

Folcore Records website:

Las aguas de la ascensión
Dr Brodsky
Folcore 107


  1. La epifanía
  2. El martirio
  3. La consagración
  4. El alumbramiento
  5. El martirio (Ruido Selecto Remix)
  6. El alumbramiento (Qechuaboi Remix)
  7. La consagración (Coconutah Remix)
  8. La consagración (Sandunga Remix)
  9. La consagración (Panther Panther! Remix)
  10. La epifanía (Lola Manola Remix)
  11. La epifanía (Kid Cala Remix)

We are imprisoned in the realm of life, like a sailor on his tiny boat, on an infinite ocean. ― Anna Freud 

The Waters of Ascension is the story of the physical and spiritual transmutation to other states. Dark waters from which thirsty-enlightenment entities emerge trying to emancipate themselves, evaporating their minds to transcend, seduced perhaps by the promise of an oasis that flows to infinity. These waters have seen birth the matter that is then martyred in an act of consecration to reach the epiphany. 

Four episodes voiced on four tracks and remixed by excellent DJs and producers from different parts of the world such as: Mexico, Peru, Great Britain, Colombia and Spain, reinterpreting the sound of Dr Brodsky through cadence rhythms, ancestral sounds and synthetic melodies that are diluted in a torrent of liquid delays. 


  • Sandunga Remix
  • Dr Brodsky Ep
  • Lola Manola Remix
  • Qechuaboi Remix
  • Ruido Selecto Remix
  • Kid Cala Remix
  • Panther Panther Remix
  • Coconutah Remix

Dr. Brodsky wanders around different countries, mental states and the multiverses of Yagé. His music condenses the sublime and ethereal matter of his dreams and travels materialized through subdermal bass lines, cadenced ancestral rhythms born from the Magdalena River and nuanced with lo-fi samples. His dark sound is sometimes hypnotic, frenetic and bizarre but always enveloping and mystical. 

A Dancer Motherfucker from Chaclacayo Since 1981 "That´s the way the cookie crumbles" Up! 

Ruido Selecto is an electronic music project that adopts Jamaican and tropical rhythms as raw material for its sound, in essence, black music is a key part of the sound of the project and for this reason its musical style incites to dance. The project is created by Juan Esteban Herrera, guitarist, and music producer from Medellín - Colombia. 

Coconutah has been involved in music for more than a decade, carrying out electro-jungle explorations - always with a clear focus on bass! From Bristol to Madrid, his current productions offer tropical dub sounds, traveling where the modern mixes smoothly with the natural in a psychedelic progression. 

Originally from Puerto de Veracruz, is born as audio producer, DJ and promoter in 2007 in the artistic collective CMF. Since then, she has experimented diverse rhythms and sound atmospheres where the bass line predominates. In her professional trajectory she has participated in national and international tours. She has performed her work in some European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, and in Latin America in Mexico and Argentina. 

Lola Manola appears in the electronic music scene as a dj, standing out by her mix and creation of rhythms for the club. And it is now where she captures that experience in her projects as a producer. She immersed herself inside a wide variety of intertropical genres from Global bass to Kuduro and Afrobass among other related styles, without setting aside the great classics such as Dembow, Reggaeton full of Future Beats. She is a part of several collectives within the influential tropical scene in Madrid and has toured numerous clubs and festivals in Spain and part of Europe. 

Young and not so young DJ/producer of Tropical / Global Bass Spanish scene member of record labels as Breaking Bass and Caballito netlabel, also with few works released by Man Recordings, Golden Hall Records or Kumbale. Although he fuses several genres like club music, rumba, techno or acid music (Rumbahton, Techbow or Acid Dembow) he always gives the tropical touch mixing like the Dembow, Baile Funk or more Kuduro or Trap rhythms. 

Panther Panther! is Pablo Villierezz, an audiovisual artist living in Bristol, UK and of Mexican origin. Using analogue and digital machines, he creates his peculiar brand of tropical bass, at times pushing squares on his laptop, or through improvised live sessions in his studio late at night. The aural worlds he creates as part of these nocturnal processes, draw up a futuristic yet ambivalent landscape on the edge of various intersections: between belonging and alienation, celebration and introspection, being Latin and European, between the local and the global… 

Dr. Brodsky
Dr. Brodsky

Dr. Brodsky wanders around different countries, mental states and the multiverses of Yagé. His music condenses the sublime and ethereal matter of his dreams and travels materialized through subdermal bass lines, cadenced ancestral rhythms born from the Magdalena River and nuanced with lo-fi samples. His dark sound is sometimes hypnotic, frenetic and bizarre but always enveloping and mystical.

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