Folcore 101 Seleccionado por Tropikal Camel

Folcore 101 Seleccionado por Tropikal Camel

Folcore Records' retrospective

Folcore 101 - Selected by Tropikal Camel _ A retrospective Folcore's compilation including tracks by Volatil, Iszen, Tu Guaina, Doma Tornados, Thub, Qechuaboi, Shushupe, Poupa Honk, Alpha Stronggah and N A T I V O _ Available on Bandcamp

I had a plessure digging deep into the catalog, one that is a window to the world of South American music. It took me a while to listen to all the catalog to found my favorite tracks, tried also to reflect different sides in the label- the more chill, more cumbia, the footwork side... from the psychodelic vibes of Thub, to the footwork of QECHUABOi, from the IDM cumbia weirdness of Alpha Stronggah to the humour of Poupa Honk, from the Amzonian spirits of NATIVO to slow-mo of peruvian producer Shushupe. So like each track is like plant in the Folcore's galaxy!

-Tropikal Camel

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About Folcore Records

Folcore Records is a label based in Barcelona (Spain), dedicated to publishing works of djs, musicians and producers who blend electronic music and earthly sounds. With more than 11 years of life, Folcore Records has published more than 125 albums of artists coming from all over the world, with a special focus on the new sounds of Latin America.

In the Folcore Records catalog you can listen to different genres and subgenres such as Global Bass, Tropical Bass, Nü World Music, Woombia, Cumbia Bass, Digital Dub, Andean Electronic Music, Neofolk, WorldtronicaFolktronics, Electropical, Dumbia, Rub-A-Dumbia , Future, Juke, Footwork, Slowmo, Eclectic, Ethno Techno... and many more styles than any tag could describe.

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