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Entrevista a Nøva Quirøga de I Have Prøblemas

Entrevista a Nøva Quirøga de I Have Prøblemas

// Heart Emøticøn //

How do you like being the vocalist and alma mater of the band?


What about being away from home? I mean your place of origin.


All the members of I Have Problemas have a migratory background... Is it a coincidence or a causality?

Birds of a feather

- How do you manage to work from different locations?

We are all in the same city. I am wherever I want, I am an algo-rhythm.

- How would you describe the creative process of I Have Problemas?

We look for inspiring stories that bridge the gap between the virtual and the reality of social relationships, stories of our own or from the experience of the people around us, whether they are irl or just on social media profiles.
Then that goes into a blender where hours of sonic research with synthesizers and samplers, albums that represent us, improvisations of melodies and guttural chants also fit in.

Before Covid we focused everything we did on and for live and performance. Now we are loading ideas and rethinking what we were, what we are, and what we are going to be... We can be whatever we want, we are programmable and our identity is as volatile as a forum nickname.

- Do networks bind us together at their nodes or trap us like fish in water?

They are not mutually exclusive, they happen simultaneously. Networks gather trapped fish.

We are inside the net, a huge and unmanageable net, you can no longer logout, you can no longer close session. And within that big net there are other smaller ones, some are more inclined to confinement, with smaller holes so that you can't get out, and others are more open.

- Since when do you think we are technologically advanced? Does technological progress make sense in the midst of the era of programmed obsolescence?

Since electricity took control. Before everything was real or conceptual, electricity brought synthesis.
Yes, it makes sense for those who design objects that are going to "break" or become outdated... But watch out! Obsolescence is now inside our psyche. Renewing consumer technology is also a fashion, addiction or whatever, the device may be well made and would last 10 years more but your heart asks for more. But we cannot associate "technological progress" only to techno objects of mass consumption, technological progress is not only a faster PC or a blender that asks you how you deal with your Oedipus complex. Technological progress makes sense as long as it serves to make life "easier" for the COMMUNITY.

- Which problems are more relevant than others?

It is not pyramidal... it is relative to the psychic moment, the space and the time in which the individual or the community is.
The important thing is to admit that there is a problem, the first step to solve it is to say:
Ị̸̱̻̋̎̀̐ ̷̣̖͇̞͚̏͝H̴̲̪̗̒̎ã̸̰̫͗v̸͚̈́ë̶̛̬̘͓́͂͝ ̵̨̥̊̆͛͂͠P̴̮̺͖̉͠r̵̥̞͗ø̶̧̆b̷̦͒̇͋̚̚͝ḷ̷͍̯̽́ę̶̮͖̇͒̓̅̊̕ḿ̸̧͍̮̘̙̩̿̇̌́͑a̴̘̻̬͆̓̈s̷͙͕̗̲͉̋͌

  • Germán de Souza

    Germán de Souza

    Germán de Souza nació en Buenos Aires y se trasladó a Barcelona a principios de los 2000. En su país de origen fue director de la revista de circo y teatro de calle Newton Las Pelotas! y promotor de eventos de circo, teatro, danza y música, proyecto que lo llevó a España. En Barcelona creó su estudio de diseño y desarrollo multimedia Coreographix. También es responsable de proyectos como el sello discográfico Folcore Records, Club du Monde Radio, Etnotròpic y Nü World Music. Como DJ y productor se ha presentado en diversas ciudades de Europa y Latinoamerica. Es colaborador del blog de música alternativo de México Cassette Blog.

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We leave Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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