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20x tracks Free Download

from the Folcore Records catalog

Folcore Records puts in Free Download mode 20 tracks extracted from the latest releases, some unreleased on Spotify, as well as some pearls from the beginnings of the label. Download them now!

Our summary of the year 2021

Folcore Records releases

A very particular year that leaves us as a result the release of 6 singles, 4 albums, 3 EPs, 1 special edition and 1 big decision: to leave the dominant social networks. 

This is how our 2021 has presented itself in the midst of many (implicit) battles for the integrity, subsistence (and existence) of the label. A thorny road, uphill and full of obstacles that we have been able to overcome. We can still affirm that we are standing tall and with our defenses high, despite the adversities.

Downtempo, Ethno & Shamanic Electronic

5 tracks from the Folcore Records catalog

From the Andes to the Middle East... passing through jungles, oceans and deserts... we close our eyes and let ourselves be carried away by the hypnotic sound of electronic music fused with the most ethnic and shamanic side of the so called Worldtronic or World Electronic Music in downtempo key…

Cumbia and Downtempo

Is it possible to combine cumbia with downtempo?

We could affirm it and prove it with the tracks from the Folcore Records catalog that we share with you below.