Mixtape exclusivo para Quiero Recordings Podcast

Mixtape exclusivo para Quiero Recordings Podcast

New collab: Folcore Records + Quiero Recordings - Mixed and recorded by Cherman in Barcelona January 2018

Including tracks published by Quiero Recordings, Folcore Records, Drosssel, Exclusivos Cassette Blog, Ultrapop, Global Barrio...



1. Projeto Mujique - Kanjira (Quiero Recordings)
2. Lucas Lead - Soft (Folcore Records)
3. Castora Herz - Despertar (Folcore Records)
4. Kid Sol - Floways (Global Barrio)
5. GYRL - Night Writer (Reanimated Mix) (Drosssel)
6. Raury - God's Whisper (Shorpi's Slow Much Edit) (Drosssel)
7. MADDOX - Azul (Quiero Recordings)
8. Dr. Brodsky - Satya Chant (Folcore Records)
9. Marcelo Fabian - White Square (Ultrapop)
10. GZ! - Sexy Money (Self released)
11. Ibu Selva - Peyote (Quiero Recordings)
12. Tremor - Sunrise (Self released)
13. Ibu Selva - Cullachaqui (Quiero Recordings)
14. Guvibosch - BLCK (Exclusivos Cassette Blog)
15. BPJE - Mountain High (Quiero Recordings)
16. Guvibosch - Fuse (Folcore Records)
17. Table Daddy - Ghost (Quiero Recordings)

sunday morning... raining in Barcelona

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Folcore Records Playlist Releases Summary 2017

Folcore Records Playlist Releases Summary 2017

17 releases + 1 minimixtape: Escucha el playlist que resume el año 2017 en 17 temas
De Folcore colectivo audiovisual a Folcore Records - Parte 1

De Folcore colectivo audiovisual a Folcore Records - Parte 1

Un paseo por la historia de la Folktrónica, la música Electropical y el Tropical Bass de Barcelona y España.
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Support Folcore Records on Ko-Fi

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Leda Edits: 3 EPs adelanto del proyecto El Camino de Leda

Leda Edits: 3 EPs adelanto del proyecto El Camino de Leda

Fértil Discos y Folcore Records lanzan 3 adelantos del proyecto El Camino de Leda que incluyen varios edits y remix de grabaciones originales

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About Folcore Records

Folcore Records is a label based in Barcelona (Spain), dedicated to publishing works of djs, musicians and producers who blend electronic music and earthly sounds. With more than 11 years of life, Folcore Records has published more than 125 albums of artists coming from all over the world, with a special focus on the new sounds of Latin America.

In the Folcore Records catalog you can listen to different genres and subgenres such as Global Bass, Tropical Bass, Nü World Music, Woombia, Cumbia Bass, Digital Dub, Andean Electronic Music, Neofolk, WorldtronicaFolktronics, Electropical, Dumbia, Rub-A-Dumbia , Future, Juke, Footwork, Slowmo, Eclectic, Ethno Techno... and many more styles than any tag could describe.

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