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20x tracks Free Download

from the Folcore Records catalog

Folcore Records puts in Free Download mode 20 tracks extracted from the latest releases, some unreleased on Spotify, as well as some pearls from the beginnings of the label. Download them now!

Electronic folk with cinematic and psychedelic touches

Daniel Vergara tells us about his project: Thub

Thub was born as a fusion music proposal between Colombian folk sounds and the creation and production techniques of modern western music, making use of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines as tools to create a colored contour that travels between the rhythms of cumbia and the textures of modern electronic music.

Cumbia and Downtempo

Is it possible to combine cumbia with downtempo?

We could affirm it and prove it with the tracks from the Folcore Records catalog that we share with you below.

Folcore 101 Selected by Tropikal Camel

Folcore Records' retrospective

Folcore 101 - Selected by Tropikal Camel _ A retrospective Folcore's compilation including tracks by Volatil, Iszen, Tu Guaina, Doma Tornados, Thub, Qechuaboi, Shushupe, Poupa Honk, Alpha Stronggah and N A T I V O _ Available on Bandcamp