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Articles tagged with: ihaveproblemas

20x tracks Free Download

from the Folcore Records catalog

Folcore Records puts in Free Download mode 20 tracks extracted from the latest releases, some unreleased on Spotify, as well as some pearls from the beginnings of the label. Download them now!

Folcore in Video (second installment)

In this second part 2 we present several home-made videoclips that enhance the DIY spirit, cut&paste and editing that borders on illegality. Audiovisual collages, mobile phone cameras, VHS with misconfigured tracking and more.

I Have Prøblemas - Ønline Shøw @ New Colossus Sessions

Hello Cyber Friends! Ønline Shøw @ New Colossus Sessions

Live performance de I Have Prøblemas online sessions for th festival The New Colossus (USA) presenting 3 new unreleased tracks: Prøxy Errør, Crystal Søftware y Universal App