Production & mix: Gerardo Morel (Grod)
Mastering by Gonzalo Manco (Estudio Libres)
Artwork: Grod
Asistent: Camila Aravena
Executive production: Gerardo Morel & Folcore Records

Folcore 131


  1. Pálida en el carnaval
  2. Squint Eyes
  3. Ramos, la cañada
  4. Levógiro
  5. Destino, Entrega (feat. Paloma del Cerro)

Unman, if a story, would narrate the journey of a man without control, without a guide. Stunned and going through different states, parties, meetings and disagreements he comes to glimpse a principle of understanding between the sordidness of the cities and the reassuring embrace of nature, to be able to rest, living something like an epiphany.


Grod (Gerardo Morel) is a musician and producer, has worked with diversity of artists and has traveled several countries with their own music and in projects in which he participates. He produces, improvises and also compose music and sound design for cinema, theater, dance and other experiments, currently has a weekly program on the radio Altersapucai of Buenos Aires. Some projects in which he participates or has participated are: Aventura...

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