released February 18, 2022
Thub is Daniel Vergara.
Composed, mixed and arranged by Daniel Vergara
Mastering: Maateria (Zaragoza, España) www.maateria.com
Executive production: Folcore Records
Folcore Records Bandcamp: folcore-records.bandcamp.com
Folcore Records website: folcore.org


FS 012


  1. Darién

Darién is a track forged between Bass Music and the rhythms of cumbia, both delicately mixed with the groove of electronic music.

The track is inspired by the expeditions made by the Darien Gap, known for being one of the most complicated places to travel and that has witnessed the passage of thousands of immigrants since time immemorial.

Darién is a tribute to that thick tropical jungle.


Thub was born as a proposal of music fusion between the Colombian folk sounds and the techniques of creation and production of western modern music, making use of synthesizers, samplers and drum machines as tools to create a coloured contour that travels between the rhythms of cumbia and the textures of modern electronic music.

In 2017 Thub released his first album "En el trópico" through Folcore Records and in 2018 he released the EP "Tierra de Nadie" in which you can feel a rhythmic change marked by experiencing other cadences and other tempos.

After a while and through the experimentation of a new performance, born the third proposal will arrive in 2022 called "El Hombre Caimán", a work of more than two years of creation, in which a high influence of Bass Music is heard and the asynchronous rhythms that give a unique character to each track and that seek to recreate environments and situations very typical of Colombia halfway between downtempo and midtempo.

The release of the album "El Hombre Caimán" is scheduled for April 2022

Thub is a new talent of electronic fusion music in Colombia


Thub was born as a proposal that fuses historical memory and cultural identity He conceives the sound from the experimentation between different techniques of musical production, looking for a point between organic sound and electronic sound, has as a base musical rhythms typical of the Caribbean such as cumbia, porro, fandango and some of the pacific as marimba whirlpools, the marima is a typical instrument of this peaceful region. The...

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En el trópico

En el trópico

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Tierra de nadie

Tierra de nadie

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Thub FS 014

El hombre caimán

El hombre caimán

Thub Folcore 138

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Thub FS 014

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