This duo, formed by Maud Cavalade (accordion, slam, organ, kalimba) and Sébastien Cheppe (guitar, machines) will take you on a borderless journey.

Moonanga has played in many festivals such as Universo Paralelo (Brazil), Iboga Festival (Spain), Le Festival de le Terre (Switzerland), Festival Ciné Latino (Toulouse, France), 48ème de rue (Mende, France), Townland Carnival Fest (Ireland), etc.

They had the pleasure of playing alongside artists such as Sergent Garcia, Flor del Fango, El Gato Negro, Kanka, Taiwan MC, La petite fumée, Click here, La dame blanche, Matibhrama, Mezerg, Les Waykikis Boys, los Guyabos Brothers…

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Folcore Records by NAIS138