Self or not self

All tracks and mix by Leónidas Ghione

Cover art by
image details taken from a collage by Germán de Souza (Paisaje, 2020)

Self or not self
Leónidas Ghione
FMX 006


  1. Carisma (Tropical Twista Records)
  2. Luna (Quiero Recordings)
  3. Quién tomó mi bajo (Kultus Musiek)
  4. Female (Folcore Records)
  5. Tunas (Unreleased)
  6. África (Shango Records)Pre release
  7. Illuminados (Quiero Recordings)

Leonidas Ghione - Self Or Not Self (Minimix)FMX 006
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Leónidas Ghione: @leonidasghione

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Leónidas Ghione
Leónidas Ghione

Dj and argentinean music producer, based in Mexico, developer and label manager of Quiero Recordings. Influenced by Latin American sounds he seeks in his selection and creation the purpose of connecting with the emotions to make our micro particles vibrate.  He has signed in labels like Rudow Flight Berlin, Tropical Twista Sao Paulo, Galope Discos Pouso Alegre, Bifronte Records Morelia, as well as remixes for different bands around the...

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Leónidas Ghione Folcore 092

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