Folcore Sampl3r - This Side

released November 11, 2017

Executive production: Folcore Records / Germán de Souza 
Artwork: Coreographix -

Mastering 4, 5, 11, 12 by Producciones Ensimismadas -

Folcore Sampl3r - This Side
Folcore 078


  1. Volatil - Mapuche canta
  2. Iszen - Coupe
  3. Bial Hclap - Soy
  4. Mutienigga - The Maradonian
  5. 2G1B - Metralleta pesada
  6. Chelo Scotti - Flor del pecho
  7. Alien Pimp - Massiff like a T-Rex
  8. N A T I V O - Pregones
  9. Tropical Terror - Izel
  10. Pounda & NoModico - Bounce
  11. Dr. Brodsky - The puppet
  12. Diezmo ft. Alibombo - Caustic

Folcore Sampl3r - This side (Folcore 078) // 8º anniversary sampler 3 - Vol. 1

/// Volatil

Volatil is a veteran producer that has taken dub mix style as a receipt for his daily music digest adding all sort of styles into the receipt from bass music to house.

/// Iszen

Lucas Rousseaux a.k.a. ISZEN, producer of electronic music since 2001 (starting with the ambient, idm, d & b, hip hop, going through the tropical bass and other avant-garde genres), as well as composing several soundtracks for video, dance and theater with which He was invited on different occasions to participate in festivals in Europe and the USA.

/// Bial Hclap

Bial Hclap aka Humberto Loopz is a beat maker / producer originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco. With seventeen year career and an important legacy for the hip hop of his city he founded with Twisted Minded, Tabernario and other MC's from Guadalajara, the label “Handiclap Records” in 2005.

/// Mutienigga

Mutienigga is one of the alias that uses the musical producer Alberto Montuenga, from Zaragoza Spain. "Mutie" is the way in which humans derogatively address mutants, but between mutant colleagues, like the term "nigga" used among niggas, acquires affective connotations. For its first direct, Mutienigga comes loaded with a selection of primitive rhythms in the form of loops whose eclectic combination can move you to several places in the world at the same time.

/// 2G1B

2G1B (Two Games One Boy) is a project of Chip Music commanded by the Argentinean musician and producer, resident in Madrid, Julian Carrara. Since 2008 and in different formations, it has acquired as its main instruments video game consoles and old computers to investigate, create and promote Latin American music. Since 2013 the project travels around the world, has played in cities such as New York, Barcelona, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires or Milan among others.

/// Chelo Scotti

Dj, Producer born in Córdoba Argentina, was experimenting with different styles of music, playing House, Tecno and Drum n` Bass in The city of Córdoba, until at age 24 (1999) he moved to Hamburg where he was warmly received at the Golden Pudel Club, where he has had a residence for 17 years and enjoys the musical quality of this beautiful Club. Lately he was also producing and playing music of Latin American folk roots mixed with Club music. Also forming part of the Cumbia n`Bass Family of Hamburg and dj resident of Sommersalon.

/// Alien Pimp

Veteran and pioneer of the post-communist electronica scene in Romania. Soldier in the Barcelona bass music trenches for over 5 years. Genre-bender, performer, thinker, pilgrim, label-owner, studio rat, talent discoverer, jack of all trades. Alien Pimp is from Earth, but his way of pimping life, music and good energies is not.

/// N A T I V O

N A T I V O is formed by two Latin American producers residing in Madrid: Cholofoniks (Peru) and Skaiwaka (Venezuela). In various groups, both have spent many years promoting the subtropical bass scene in Madrid - a combination of cumbia, folklorico and electronica. They are part of the 'Conspiraciones Tropicales' collective where they actively participate in the diffusion of the tropical underground sound.

/// Tropical Terror

TROPICAL TERROR is a DJ / Producer from El Salvador based in Barcelona. His productions are full of different shades ranging from the Experimental Downtempo through the Future House to the strength of Tropical Bass. LA, Hollywood, San Salvador, Guatemala, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza and Graz are some of the cities where this artist has been presented in clubs and festivals.

/// Pounda & NoModico

Both artists have been working since 2014 musical projects both as producers and performers, being responsible for all creative processes that involve the creation of a single or production, both are recognized beatmakers in the Peruvian Rap scene. The duo has established itself as one of the groups with more sound innovation and fusion with other genres within the emerging Peruvian Rap scene. Pounda & NoModico has an interesting discography which is testimony not only to the innate passion of making music, but also an undeniable musical evolution which even today continues.

/// Dr Brodsky

Dr. Brodsky wanders around different countries, mental states and the multiverses of Yagé. His music condenses the sublime and ethereal matter of his dreams and travels materialized through subdermal bass lines, cadenced ancestral rhythms born from the Magdalena River and nuanced with lo-fi samples. His dark sound is sometimes hypnotic, frenetic and bizarre but always enveloping and mystical.

/// Diezmo

Diezmo is a genre-hopping electronic music act from London, drawing from an infinite pool of inspiration to create a sound that synthesises Glitch Hop, Trap, DnB, Global Bass and Rock.


Bial Hclap: 
Chelo Scotti: 
Alien Pimp: 
N A T I V O: 
Tropical Terror: 
Pounda & NoModico: 
Dr Brodsky: 

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