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Lucas Lead

Lucas Lead Soft Lunes

Folcore 070


Nixtamal Leda Edits Vol. VI

Folcore 069

Silly Tang

Silly Tang Leda Edits Vol. IV

Folcore 068

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Qechuaboi Fucked Up EP

Folcore 067

Tropikhongo & Pablo Pachacutik

Tropikhongo & Pablo Pachacutik Guerrero Andino

Folcore 066


Stereobeaver Around Belarus EP

Folcore 065


Qechuaboi Leda Edits Vol. III

Folcore 064


Intiche Leda Edits Vol. II

Folcore 063

The Silly Tang

The Silly Tang Narcos EP

Folcore 062


VVAA Sampler 2

Folcore 061

Poupa Honk

Poupa Honk Kikasaru

Folcore 060

Pounda & NoModico

Pounda & NoModico Pounda & NoModico meets Folcore

Folcore 059


Qechuaboi El Sorbito

Folcore 058


Shushupe Taricaya

Folcore 057


Intiche Ulmos

Folcore 056

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About Folcore Records

Folcore Records is a label based in Barcelona (Spain), dedicated to publishing works of djs, musicians and producers who blend electronic music and earthly sounds. With more than 7 years of life, Folcore Records has published more than 65 albums of artists coming from all over the world, with a special focus on the new sounds of Latin America.

In the Folcore Records catalog you can listen to different genres and subgenres such as Global Bass, Tropical Bass, Nü World Music, Woombia, Cumbia Bass, Digital Dub, Andean Electronic Music, Neofolk or Folktronics, Electropical, Dumbia, Rub-A-Dumbia , Future, Juke and many more styles than any tag could describe.

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